Afro Q Ben

DJ hailing from Portland, Oregon

Genre-fusing funkmaster who splices together electro, breakbeat, dubstep, grime and funk. Releases include Keep Movin’ On (2007) and the Singles/Remixes compilation. 

When people think of multi-instrumentalists that cross music boundaries all over the world, they think of Afro Q Ben. From his roots in 70’s disco-funk and reggae, to his current adaptation of hip hop and electronic, his sounds have been known to mesmerize the masses. Sharing the stage and studio with world-renowned artists such as Aceyalone, Myka 9, Lafa Taylor, and Ras Attitude, Afro Q Ben has been a foundation from touring major music festivals, to being a staple in professional music production.

He continues to create new music, while DJing and accompanying live bands throughout the West Coast. Partnering up with some of the best names in the exploding party DJ scene, Afro Q Ben’s future performances are already sounding amazing.

Afro is constantly surrounded by creative forces, and he looks forward to producing more exciting music as well as collaborating with vocalists from around the planet.


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