Tyler Shusterman (Guitars, Vocals), Sean Stringfellow (Bass, Vocals), Art McConnell (Drums), Nathan Cole (Keyboard)


Rhythmic, harmony-led rock.Discography to date includes Appear (2008), Drink The Ocean (2011) and You Can Never Go Back (2015). 


Of all the places you’d expect a satisfying creative fusion to be sparked off, you probably wouldn’t expect Craigslist to be included. No-one told that to rockers AllofaSudden, however. “Tyler and Sean joined forces in 2006,” they recall. “Each had their own songs and previous bands. They met through craigslist.They decided early on to split the lead singing and songwriting duties 50/50. Through different lineup changes and experimentation with instrumentation, they have continued to write, record, and perform live.Each member brings a lot of personality and a lot of energy. We let the music speak for itself, onstage as well as on paper. Our fans and friends who come see us play are the ones that bring the most.”

And as for the music itself – where are the guys coming from artistically? Describing their sound as “dirty funky psychedelic rock”, they list their influences as “The Beatles, Band, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Mother Hips, My Morning Jacket … too many to name.” Their sound not only calls on a rich lineage of traditional rock and roll, but also remains intensely personal – something reflected in their continued development. “We've gotten better,” they muse. “We've tried a lot of different things but remained true to ourselves throughout.”

Their enthusiasm for the live circuit is clear and tangible. “Our proudest moments would be our two sold out Hotel Utah shows,” they say, referencing the legendary SF performance night. They’re also big fans of many other bands who they deem as contemporaries. “Some great bands we play shows with are The Last Ambassadors, Bullldogg, Zinc Finger, Guns For San Sebastian.”

In terms of moments where they’ve missed the mark in the past, they’re refreshingly chilled-out and philosophical. “Weak moments have all provided opportunities to learn and grow,” they muse. “Let's just say we spent a lot of time learning and growing with regard to singing and recording in the studio.” Thankfully for the fans of this fast-rising group, there’s been a hell of a lot more good moments than bad …