Ash Reiter


Ash Reiter (lead), Will Halsey (drums, vox), Scott Brown (bass), Drew Brown (guitar)


Bay Area indie darlings.Releases to date include Paper Diamonds, Heatwave and Hola.  From late 2014, Ash no longer performs as a solo artist but as a member of Sugar Candy Mountain.


‘It began with me,’ recalls Ash Reiter, ‘writing songs by my lonesome about my lonesome self, then I found the guys (her bandmates). Scott is the newest member replacing Mike Spreer who you see in our videos. Now we are one happy family and I think the newer songs reflect that. Our playing and compositions seem very natural, I think we know how to write for each other as musicians.’

One listen to Ash’s self-described brand of ‘California dream-pop’ will show that this confidence is not misplaced. Drawing on influences as diverse as ‘The Beatles, Beach Boys, Dr Dog, Grizzly Bear, The Shirelles, Jolie Holland, The Tom Tom Club’ and admiring contemporaries like ‘The Rubies, Blackbird Blackbird, Maus Haus, White Cloud, Emily Jane White, and Bells’, Ash and the bandmates have come together and honed their aesthetic with impressive dedication.

‘As for as group dynamics,’ Ash explains, ‘Will and Scott are the band goofballs, they are the ones that you have to drag away from riveting discussions at 3am about the virtues of Michael McDonald or some or some obscure B-Rate Sci-Fi movie. I'm a little more on the practical side. I'm the one that wakes everybody up so we can all get showers and get to the next gig. As far as musically my ear is tuned into melodies, Scott and Will lock into together and lay down the groove, and Drew gives the song texture and energy with his lead parts.

‘I always feel so proud when you can hold your own album in your hand its like a baby’, she reflects. ‘I think my weaker moments are when I let my personal life carry on to the stage and I can't capture the magic in my performance.’ hasn’t seen any of these weaker moments – and we suspect they’re a lot more rare than Ash imagines!