Octavio Cavieres, Nicholas Arancibia, Daniel Varas and Andy Nusser

Chilean indie sunshine-rock. Releases to date include Le Disc Astrou (2009) and Astro (2012). 

Astro are a Chilean band who stand out for their artistic quality and for creating energetic live performances. They have rapidly and effectively positioned themselves for success on both a national and international level.

Aiming to make a sound they describe as “experimental pop, indie, fresh, cheerful and energy transmitting,” and influenced by the likes of “Yes, Genesis, Empire of the Sun, LCD Sound System, The Knife, Gary Numan, and Luis Alberto Spinetta,” their trajectory was a swift one. By mid-2009 they were well-known on the the local indie scene, playing major events in Santiago.

In April 2009 they released their first EP, Le Disc Astrou in digital format through the Danish label Wash Dishes. The sound is surprisingly fresh, and led to the band performing their first international dates in Argentina and Uruguay. At the beginning of 2010 they were invited to participate in the prestigious Mexican festival Vive Latino, where they shared the stage with many top-name international artists.

“It's been some years since we began,” they reminisce, “and we've grown as people and musicians. We have played from the smallest club stage to huge international festivals, giving us experience. Also, we always listen to new and fresh music that keeps our minds active. The best moments are when we play big festivals and there are many happy people and everyone applauds and everything is great. The worst moments are when we go on stage drunk, sing badly, cut the strings of the guitar and the power goes out …”


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