Bang Data


Deuce Eclipse (Lead Vocals), Caipo (Drums/Producer), Paul Crespo (Guitar), Marco Guzman (Bass)


Bilingual rap-rock. Signed to Rockolito Music. Discography to date includes Mucho Poco and La Sopa. 


“The group Bang Data is a partnership between myself and Juan Caipo,” explains lead vocalist Deuce Eclipse. “I was working on a solo album with Amp Live of Zion I ... and a mutual friend of ours – Dave Lopez – introduced me to Juan. Me, Juan Caipo, Amp Live and Dave Lopez were going to form the original group but it turned out that Amp and Dave had to focus more on Zion I and Flypside. So, Juan and I continued to work together as the core of what has become Bang Data.”

He elaborates further on this partnership. “I feel that Caipo brings more of the rock aspect and I come from a hip hop perspective. This gives the band an edge that speaks for itself. It also helps in the writing and recording process because we always have different opinions on things but we both want the same end result … that is something new that speaks for itself. Sometimes Caipo will ask me what I think about a drum sound or I’ll give a suggestion on a melody that gives the music a new feel. Caipo as well will suggest things to me vocally. He also might have a different perspective on a melody and pushes me to stretch what I am used to doing so that we keep pushing ourselves to stay different.”

Taking on a myriad of influences – “Robert Johnson, Bob Marley, KRS-1, Public Enemy, Vicente Fernandez, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, The Police, Bob Marley, Mano Negra, Led Zep, Brazilian Music, Ranchera” – they have certainly crafted a unique sound. “Our new album is called ‘La Sopa’ which means ‘the soup’ in Spanish, and that’s pretty much what I say to describe everything we do. It’s a mixture of so many things to create one thing. Soup can have such a diverse spectrum of ingredients depending on what kind of soup you are eating, and I feel that’s the kind of music we make. You can pretty much make soup out of anything so we feel the same about our music. There are no limits to it or new true set idea. The idea behind it is to reach our potential by following our hearts and reaching beyond our ideas of what music should be.”

Such a diverse outlook also means there’s no risk of Bang Data resting on their laurels – continual development is the order of the day. “When we first started we were just writing music and trying to find a vibe. As the years went by we started getting into a rhythm and fell into a better idea of what Bang Data is. At first we didn’t know how it was going to sound live but what we did know is that we wanted it to have edge. So we practiced and practiced; staying true to the recordings but at the same time giving you an even more intense performance of our sound when we play live. I believe we are achieving that right now, and its always a work in progress.”