Be Calm Honcho

Alex Weston, Jacob Landry, Shannon Harney and Mikey Carrera

Eclectic San Francisco-based collective. Releases to date include Step Out (2014) and Honcho Dreams (2014).

It started because Shannon told Alex she knew how to cut boy’s hair ... so he came over to get styled up, and she told him to wait outside while she looked up how to cut hair on the Internet. In exchange for the botched haircut he let her borrow his keyboard while she played solo shows all around Davis, CA and slowly, unknowingly converted him to be her boyfriend.

When they moved to San Francisco, Alex was summoned to an audition for a psychedelic 7-piece rock band looking for someone who could juggle and play trombone. Lucky for those guys, he could do both…awesomely. Also in the famed Morph Dwarf band-o-man-babes were Jacob & Mikey. Shannon would watch from the crowd as Mikey made an animal of himself on the drums and Jacob bobbed cool and fresh on the bass in the background. It was there, with Mikey’s sweat splashing all over the crowd and Alex blowing his horn into the nothingness that she crafted a vision of a full band, a departure from the quiet moss and sparrow singer-songwriter identity she’d been crafting for the years prior.

She was looking to grow her hair long and howl loud and mischievously into a crowd of drunks and girl crushes. All she needed now was three handsome hams, a full moon and an awesome band name. Stashing Alex’s trombone under the bed and outfitting him with a kickin' bass, putting Jacob in his rightful place as a lead guitar extraordinaire and giving Mikey a fresh t-shirt ... they were READY! And they've been proving it ever since ...


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