Aldo Villegas


Poetic MC and social commentator. Signed to Quilomboarte. Discography to date includes Lengua Insurrecta (2002), Pienso Luego Existo (2003), Jazzyturno (2004), A Titulo Personal (2005), El Manual de la Otredad (2007), Existo: Matriz Preludio al Pienso (2009) and Patologías del Invisible Incómodo (2012). 


Hailing from Mexico City, Bocafloja initially began his music career as part of the hip-hop acts Lifestyle (1996–1998) and Microphonk (1999). Becoming a solo artist in 2000, he has since transformed into an icon of Mexican hip-hop – his trademark political commentary, killer beats and continual artistic evolution have granted him a legendary status which is finally beginning to impinge international territories.

“It has been a long process,” Bocafloja told The Find. “Primordially, a process of transformation, politicization, and self awareness at a personal level which as a consequence is reflected in my work as an MC. When I started my rhymes talked about very simple distinct things, but indebted to this process of personal transformation, my focus was directed more towards the utility my discourse can have for others more than my own satisfaction or necessity as an artist. I believe in the art as a social function.”

It’s this belief that – as well as filtering very clearly through his conscientious music – inspired Bocafloja to set up the QuilomboArte project, an organization that seeks to produce cultural events in which hip hop functions as an educational tool and an essential collaborative adhesive to social and political Leftist movements in the processes of transformation throughout Mexico and Latin America. In a world in which many rappers’ major concern is the brand of their trainers or ensuring the crowd knows how many girls they’ve slept with, Bocafloja is that rare breed: a man determined to use his talent to make a genuine difference. The organisation will soon be celebrating its fifth anniversary.

As if this multi-tasking wasn’t enough, Bocafloja has also found the time to compile his first book: a lyrical collection of his poetry and essays, brought together with the assistance of Fabian Villegas under the title Imarginacion.