Darko (guitars, vocals, keys, tambourine), Sin (drums, vocals), Martin (bass, vocals), Ymer (guitars, noise, keys, vocals)


Beat-laden guitar sounds from Amsterdam. Discography to date includes Stand Out, Cause Trouble (2011).


Stand Out Cause Trouble. That's the Capeman motto. They describe themselves as having united “through various different projects and the music scene of Amsterdam”. One-time drummer Darko Tadic swapped his drumsticks in 2009 for the guitar and microphone. With his first self-recorded demo he elected Sin Banovic to come and play drums. Sin brough in turn Bassist Martin van Lier with whom he had just played at Lowlands. In 2010 they drafted in additional guitarist / soundscaper Ymer Marinus and kicked the accelerator further, Capeman was born. In short: “drummer-angry guy, bassist-sane guy, guitarist-floaty guy, singer-insane guy.”

Their entire sound spectrum – “energetic space pop” - is fuelled by pounding beats and fat bass synths to produce freaky and in-your-face guitar rock-pop: an aesthetic mixed with an English indie dance-feel and vintage psychedelia. Creative sparks are kindled via “observations, the world, people, life, love, and too many other musicians, bands and artiststo even start mentioning...”

Live, they do everything twice as hard and twice as irresistibly. Energetic, infectious grooves mix with angular sultriness. What are the goals of this fearsome foursome? Their attitude suggests that the band will stop at nothing to become a household name.“We have a lot more depth, atmosphere and variation in our "pallet of sound" since we began.Band-wise we have done a lot of gigs the past year, thus our show and sound evolved immensely...”