Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison

Soulful singer-songwriter hailing from Mexico, now relocated to California. Signed to Cosmic Records. Releases to date include Let Me Mourn (2012) and Amor Supremo (2015).

Carla Morrison's career began in 2006 by participating in various cover bands in Mexico. That year she moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she continued her musical studies and formed the band Babaluca that before long positioned itself as one of the most important projects in the city. After a short but fruitful career with Babaluca, she decided to leave the group to return to Mexico and start a new chapter in her life.

Outlining her musical influences as ranging from "Ana Gabriel to The Beach Boys, Sublime, Radiohead, Jose Alfredo Jimenez and Patsy Cline," Carla describes her sound as one "that can get along very well with tequila and long conversations about how love doesn't work out but we can always make it through … very alternative, very pop and very Mexican."

She is also very reflective on the development of her sound. "I believe God puts us in certain situations where we need to be pushed to learn," she says, "and take advantage of an opportunity to grow and evolve, forcing yourself to be a better version of yourself, so it's been hard, but it's been sweet and very enjoyable."

In early 2009, Carla released her first solo EP titled Learning to Learn. Produced entirely independently, it managed to capture the attention of both the public and the media, positioning it within the most interesting elements of the new Mexican music scene.

In 2010 Carla released her second EP entitled While You Were Sleeping. Produced by Natalia Lafourcade, the album brought Carla even more success, and she went on to tour almost all of Mexico, also stunning audiences in the United States and Colombia.

Carla was also nominated for a Latin Grammy with the EP While You Were Sleeping, while also undertaking a series of sold-out gigs at the Teatro Metropolitan, the National Auditorium Lunario, Chinese Theatre Six Flags Mexico and many other venues. She has also performed at various festivals around the world: SXSW, Viva La Song, Festival Centre, and Vive Latino among others.

In 2011 Carla began working on her first LP entitled Let Me Mourn, produced by Juan Manuel Torreblanca and Andrew Landon, which was released worldwide in 2012. Her second album Amor Supremo was released in 2015.


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