Chelsea Coleman

Chelsea Coleman

Folk-country singer-songwriter. Releases to-date include Until We Can Rest (2012) and Heaven Help Me (2014). 

“Chelsea Coleman, singing-songwriting machine, was raised in a house that had a ‘piano room’ by parents who painted pictures and played folk songs,” reads Chelsea’s official biography. “She was never not surrounded by good art, and she never had dreams that weren't extraordinary. She has many passions, some have come and gone - she farmed organic vegetables, she roasted coffee, she helped catch babies born in bedrooms, she built fine furniture, but the one that has been with her all her life is music. It is like an organ (no pun intended) inside her body, like her heart or lungs, that she’d probably die without and almost did (she might be exaggerating). She got her start in the church halls of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and through a long series of adventures ended up in the great city of Berkeley, California which she now calls home. Her heart, brain, and hands work hard, waking and sleeping, to bring you pleasing, intriguing, honest music.”

"My music is lyric-based folk country," Chelsea explains to us. "I cherish simplicity in the poetry of my music, which has been compared to Laura Marling, Alela Diane, and Karen Dalton. My true influences (not just who I want to sound like) would start with traditional hymns as well as contemporary Christian worship music, along with classic country ranging from Hank Williams to The Judds. Currently, I’d say I’m being greatly influenced by Bruce Springsteen and Gillian Welch."

She describes the evolution of her sound as being "less emo, more substance," and is reflective on her trajectory to-date. "The proudest moments are when I know I have helped heal someone’s life through music. Hearing fans speak from the bottom of their heart in gratitude for a song that I created and performed leaves me speechless. My weakest moments are those in which I let criticism hinder my expression and likewise, when I let arrogance hinder my reception to constructive criticism. Playing music is all about setting the ego down and letting the music do whatever it wants with you."

She lists her contemporaries as "Whiskerman, Cave Clove, Song Preservation Society, Madeline Tasquin, Vikesh Kapoor and the Tumbleweed Wanderers."


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