City Tribe

Duncan Nielsen (vocals, guitar), Jacob Jones (vocals, guitar), Eric Wallace (bass), and Cody Jones (drums)

Harmonic California sunshine-rock. Releases to date include City Tribe (2012) and Undertow (2014).

San Francisco-based City Tribe began as Duncan Nielsen and Jacob Jones in the winter of 2010. Friends of eight years, they began writing and playing music together in Santa Barbara, where the sun-soaked coast and wave-rich shoreline seeped into their collective songwriting. 

After moving to SF, they hosted a weekly music showcase to debut their sleepy-eyed bedroom harmonies. Long-time friend Eric Wallace joined on bass, Cody Rhodes filled out the drum kit, and the group continued to write music that inspires a romantic California.  

“We hosted a music showcase at a bar downtown and built ourselves a small fan base,” Duncan remembers of those early days. “Cody brings innovation to the table, and is a rhythm nerd/musical quotes expert. Eric has melodic and rhythmic taste, plus ten random facts you don't need to know. Jake maps out vocal melodies you can see, and reaches those super high notes, and I’m good at soulful lead work and saying 'no.'"

He lists their influences as “Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, The Band, and Grizzly Bear” and describes their sound as “beachy, Americana, existential, classic indie.” He elaborates on the development of this sound: “we have really honed our sound pallette and figured out the ingredients that make us happy. They keep changing, but we're in a good place. We're also writing more as a band, which really shows on to-be-released tunes such as "Undertow."

As with all bands, they have had a mixture of great and not-so-great moments on the road to success. “Our proudest moment was playing Great American Music Hall, a venue some of us went to as high schoolers,” Duncan recalls. “Our weakest: canceling on Academy of Art radio launch party at the last minute (we're still sorry!)”


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