Con Brio



Xandra Corpora (formerly Vocals, Guitar, Bass), Micah Dubreuil (Organ, Rhodes, Piano), Nate Fowle (Tenor Saxophone), Jonathan Kirchner (Bass, Trumpet), Andrew Laubacher (Drums, Percussion) and Frequently Featuring: Cliff Tune (Sound Engineering, Drums), Mike Hirsch (Tenor and Bari Sax). Ziek McCarter joined in 2014 as new frontman.


Funky, acoustic, jazz/blues hybrid.Discography to date includes From The Hip (2010), Never Be The Same (2014) and Kiss The Sun (2015)


Since forming only a few years back, Con Brio’s blend of funky jazz and blues has seen them amass a ferociously dedicated fanbase. How dedicated? Well, the fans all recently chipped together to buy the band a new van when their old touring vehicle broke down. That’s customer loyalty for you.

So – how did Con Brio come together? “Jonathan found Xandra on Craigslist where she posted an ad saying she wanted to start a band,” they recall. “Meanwhile Micah and Kirchner were set up on a music play-date by some mutual friends on the east coast. Micah also brought in Nate, with whom he'd been playing music since childhood. And Andrew came to us through an open-mic at Hotel Utah. Xandra brings skeleton. Micah brings blood. Kirchner brings muscles. Nate brings breath. Andrew brings heartbeat.”

There’s also a wide-ranging fusion of influences and heritage in the band. “Each individual member carries their own set of musical influences to the table,” they divulge. “Xandra's is a mix of Blues, Classic Rock, Brazillian Jazz and Pop. Kirchner is an enthusiast of 60s and 70s soul music, and contemporary folk. Micah is a funk and jazz-head mostly. Nate has an eclectic palette, but he's also a major jazz listener. And Andrew brings a ruffian rhythmic style to the group, influenced by many prominent soul and rock bands with a dash of Tom Waitsian drum-beatin'.”

“Each member has evolved individually on their instruments, and in relation to how we play with each other. As a band, our music has not become more focused in terms of pre-existing genres. On the contrary, we have spread our wings in developing our own sound, which is in itself a mixture of several genres. We have no interest in being easily classifiable, but instead we just write songs and develop them individually, each being a unique musical expression of the personal spirit inherent in the song.”

It’s a process of evolution that has allowed them to perfect their sound, which they describe as “Soul/Blues/Funk/Jazz/Rock. Or, in a nut-shell: Music to Freak to.”It’s also been part of an overall journey which has seen them bond even further, through thick and thin. “Proudest moments have been playing the Great American Music Hall, playing the All Shook Down Festival at the Regency Ballroom, playing South By South West in Austin, TX, opening for David Grisman, opening for Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, raising $8,000 from supporters to help us buy a tour van.” And the lesser moments? “Weak moments are not really something we focus on too much, just try to learn from in the moment and keep on truckin'.”