Cuarto Poder

Cotur (Caesar Velasquez), Red (Luis Chirinos), Psycho (Carlos Carrillo), Apache (Larry Rada), Mkc (Miguel Cerda) and Guarisley (Edgard Silva)

Hip hop collective hailing from Caracas, Venezuela. Signed to SHOCK Music. Releases to date include The Royal Academy of Flow (2003),  Tamos Well (2006), and This Is Not Playing (2009).

The four elements of hip hop (graffiti, MCing , breakdancing and DJs) are fused in this musical formation: Cuarto Poder (translated as Fourth Estate).

Since 1999 the quintet has been establishing a massive presence in the hip hop scene of their home country. In 2003, they unleashed their first album The Royal Academy of Flow. Songs such as "Fourth Power," "Venezuela," "Hip Hop Pinton," "Matraquero," "Lady America," and "Surprise" obtained major radio exposure and were thereby introduced to a whole new audience.

2006 saw their second album arrive – Tamos Well, whose first single "Latino pal Force," managed a long stint at the top of the charts. Another track, "Arenita Theme Playita," was chosen to be the theme of a TV show on RCTV Venezuela, and also enjoyed 42 weeks of chart success.

2009 saw the arrival of their third album, This Is Not Playing, which includes the tracks "From There They Stand," "They Use That," "Go Tell Me If," "Only You Have The Key," and "This Is Not Playing."


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