Diana Gameros

Diana Gameros (lead singer), occasionally joined by Raúl Vargas (mouth harp, castanets), Kenan O’Brian (bass) and Isaac Weiser (flute, melodica)

Latin-tinged, emotive, acoustic classical songwriting. Releases include Eterno Retorno (2013). 

Few acts take the breath away as succinctly as Diana Gameros, whose combination of amazing vocals, passionate song delivery, intricate musicianship and quietly confident stage presence is truly something to behold.

It’s a talent she has been honing for some time now, having developed a musical slant from childhood. Over the years her confidence has justifiably grown. “I'm more adventurous when choosing instrumentation and developing sonic textures for my songs,” she explains. “I'm less afraid to experiment with new sounds.” And what exactly are those sounds? How would she describe them? “The result of a mariachi band composed of Brazilian-pop musicians playing a quiet show at a coffee shop in Paris.”

Diana’s on-stage kit has now graduated to include a Takamine (an electric-acoustic guitar) and a P-120 Yamaha electric piano. Her technical know-how and prowess is further highlighted by the fact that she lists experimental composer Phillip Glass as one of her major influences. In terms of other artists who she draws creative inspiration from, she “won’t name specific people. I listen to a lot of traditional ethnic music from all over the world; I’ve always been fascinated by all the different techniques, rhythms and approaches that each culture offers with its music. But I also love dreamy, spacious, minimalist modern music.”


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