Dr. Israel


Dr. Israel


NYC-based dub and dancehall pioneer. Releases to date include Ghetto Defendant (2012), Friction (2006), and Patterns Of War (2005).


Dr. Israel is a vocalist, producer, engineer, actor and revolutionary based in Brooklyn New York. The Doctor’s work has always had a foundation in the deep tradition of dub, dance hall and reggae, but what makes him stand out is his ability to fuse these styles with drum and bass, hip hop, and even punk and metal. His trademark sonically devastating bass tones and politically conscious lyrics are always delivered in a surprisingly accessible format for such an underground Icon.

The doctor has assembled his own studio compound in a clandestine Brooklyn warehouse, where he has been producing chart-topping trax for over a decade. These releases include his debut album, “7 Tales of Israel”, a classic in the dub/jungle scene, his sophomore effort “Inna City Pressure” an underground hit which moved over 10.000 units in the first few months after its street date, and “Patterns of War” Which topped the CMJ, (#1 at world music for 7 weeks). In addition the doctor has made countless guest appearances, and production/remix cameos, too many to mention here, but they include remix, production and vocal work with the likes off Rancid, Sepultura, Praxis, Bill Laswell, Santo Gold, and Sublime to name a few.

Dr. Israel is also known for his dynamic stage presence and aggressive vocal style. He has appeared Live all over the world, The U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. These performances include solo sets and vocal guest appearances at venues and festivals including the Royal Festival Hall (London), (Fuji Rock (Japan), Reggae on the River (North Cal), and the Sync Festival (Athens Greece). Doc is equally comfortable in a 200-seat club, or at stadium gig (reggae on the river had over 17,000 crazed fans), and he always manages to stir the crowd into frenzy. In the studio and on the stage the doctor consistently receives accolades and acclamations from the international press community, with great reviews from Japan to France to the U.S.

In addition to music the good doctor has recently delved into screen as well. He has some substantial air time in the documentary Awake Zion by Monica Haim, and the short film “Ascend into Zion”, which he starred in and co-wrote, was picked up by Palm Pictures in their joint venture with Comcast VOD. Also you can catch a portrait of doc in the opening sequence of the Sharon Stone movie Prime.

Dr. Israel also fronts Method of Defiance, a live Drum and Bass/Dub/Hip-Hop unit consisting of Bill Laswell, Toshinori Kondo, Bernie Worrell, D.J. Krush, Guy Licata and doc on vocals. He also appears as a guest Vocalist for Heavyweight dub Champion, a San Francisco based trip-hop/dub collective.