Esteban Mateus, with band members Pablo Escallón, Juanita Carvajal, Julian Bernal, and Juan Camilo Molina


Alt-indie pop-rock from Bogota, Colombia. Signed to Universal Music. Releases include ‘Pobre Corazón.


Esteban Mateus Williamson, better known as Esteman (born May 4, 1984) is a Colombian singer and songwriter.

Esteman has been developing his interest in music since the age of 12, as he attended several music and theatre academies, acting classes and college education in Electronic Media Arts. At a prodigiously young age Esteman started writing songs and school plays involving musical theatre for his elementary school and ever since, writing and performing has become one of his favorites activities. Later on, while he was in college, Esteman decided to pursue his music career full-time, he found in music a perfect space where he was able to focus in his main interest: music.

This is how Esteman’s musical project begins, mixing styles and influences in order to build catchy melodies loaded with irony, where the plastic sounds of a synthesizer get together with percussion elements both usual and inusual, saxophones and old school guitars as we can hear in his first single “No te metas a mi Facebook” which translates “Don't you hack into my Facebook”.

With a careful fusion of elements where you can find eclectic pop, disco music, indie-pop, the most thought provoking lyrics and choreography, Esteman’s project gets launched in the latin pop market with a musical, visual and performative proposal that will make you vibrate until the end of this song.