Face Tomorrow


Jelle Schrooten (vocals), Aart Steekelenburg and Marc Nolte (guitars), Tijs Hop (bass) and Sjoerd van der Knoop (drums).


Dutch indie-rock. Discography to date includes Live The Dream (2001), For Who You Are (2002), The Closer You Get (2004), In The Dark (2008) and Face Tomorrow (2011).


Influenced by 90′s emo mainstays as Sunny Day Real Estate, Quicksand and At The Drive In as Deftones, Radiohead, Muse and the Foo Fighters – as well as “life in general and Mother Earth” – Face Tomorrow initially came together over a decade ago. “We started when most of us were in high school,” they recall. “We wanted to start a band that was more on the melodic side of things after most of us were in a loud hardcore band.”

Such a stint together has certainly seem them gel into a distinctive act. Describing their sound as “a combination of nineties emo with nineties alternative rock and some 80's new wave”, they maintain this aesthetic sets them apart from the herd: “I think there aren't that many bands around that sound like us actually. I mean there are influential bands still around but we have always tried to find a sound of our own.”

Not that this has given them a sense of complacency or anything – artistic development has always been key to their dynamic. “I think for a band that has been around more then ten years the only reason you have to continue is if you keep developing your sound. I think everybody in the band has their own influences both musically and based on their own experiences. We write songs as a democracy.”

Their first three albums - and most notably their last album In The Dark, released by Excelsior Recordings/V2 in 2008 - allowed them to play over 500 shows and brought them through Germany, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech republic, the USA and big festivals like Lowlands, Pukkelpop, Paaspop, Groezrock, got them airplay on a.o. Kerrang TV, MTV 2, Jim TV, TMF Belgium. It’s a trajectory they’re justifiably proud of. “For a small town, small country band, we have seen the bigger part of Europe while touring. We did a small tour in the States, we had our album released in Japan and we played a whole bunch of the bigger summer Festivals in Holland, Belgium and Germany. That's already a lot more then we could have ever wished for when we started out.”

There’s still time for self-reflection, however. “Our weakest moment is probably touring on our third record,” they reveal. “It was the hardest record to make and we weren't all on the same level while touring that record.” Given the quality of their recent output, however, we’re happy to confirm that they’re most definitely back on the level …