Genius And The Thieves


Jacob (Cigarettes), Ben (Bad Jokes), Milos (Sex appeal), Zach (Really nice shoes), Jerad (Great hair, great neckbeard)


Bluesy-rock with a dance and indie twist. 


According to Zach (who takes on frontman duties), “the band initially started writing and playing shows here and there waaaay back in 2005, but only for about a year. Most of us wound up here in the Bay Area and we started playing together again in late 2008.” 

Geographical logistics aside, it’s also been something of a creative journey for the band. “Our music has changed a lot since we started playing together” Zach explains. “We started as sort of a straight forward rock and roll band, very influenced by The Rolling Stones. Lately our writing has a lot more modern sound to it. Lots of effects, heavy bridges, and dancy drums. Our sound is like blues rock with dance beats and a hint of indie influence tossed in, for good measure.”

Apart from Mick Jagger and company, then, who else do they feel inspires them creatively? “I would say our biggest influences are The Strokes, The Clash, and Kings of Leon,” Zach reveals, before going on to express his admiration for a lot of the band’s contemporaries too. “We've been fortunate enough to play with some really awesome bands both here in the bay and from all over. Some of our favorites: Hollerado, The Soft White Sixties, Victory and Associates, The Pack A.D, and We Are The Pilots.”

As well as a constantly developing aesthetic, they’ve also made leaps and bounds in terms of their live work. While a particular show in San Diego was a bit of misfire – “not rad” – all the other stops seemed to make up for it. “Almost every show of last year's tour was rad.” And if you want to see just how rad these guys can be, keep an eye on the gig listings near you …