Graham Patzner


Graham Patzner 


Singer-songwriter from Oakland, California. Works as solo artist and also as frontman for Whiskerman. Releases to date as solo artist includes Malaria And The Goose (2010) and Rosy In Victor. Releases with band include Whiskerman (2011).


The youngest of three brothers and the son of two musicians, Graham Patzner didn't have much choice but to follow those tuneful inclinations. Starting on piano at age five and then moving on to violin, trumpet and guitar, the singer-songwriter has cultivated a unique sound that is hard to pinpoint. His voice ranges from smoky to soaring, while his songs span a wide array of moods and genres, yet always remain soulful.

Yet Graham’s ambitions initially lied on the thespian side of things. “I decided to quit acting school and fully immerse myself into singing, songwriting and getting better at the guitar,” he recalls. This immersion into songwriting – bringing with influences as diverse as “Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Arvo Part, Jesus Christ, North and South American Indians, Buddha, Africa, Dostoevsky, Radiohead and the Godfather Trilogy” – served well to create a distinct sound. “I want it to sound like heaven,” Graham explains, “but I'm pretty far from that, so I'll settle with Rock/soul/folk. Things started pretty folk and blues driven, and once we added Charles things have been more rock and roll and soul rooted, but that is still changing.”