CoCo Machete (vocals), Loli Pop (vocals), Amber (vocals), Jaysonik (producer), Funky Finger Mark (bass)


Manic, Oakland-based electroclast collective. Discography to date includes ‘M.A.N.B.I.T.C.H’,  ‘Lokos Only’ and 'On Blast'. 


It’s rare that the phrase ‘like nothing you’ve ever seen before’ actually turns out to be accurate, but in the case of Oakland’s very own electro-battleaxes HOTTUB, allow us to assure you: they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Trying to categorise them can be similarly difficult – the band describe themselves as a ‘little bit of everything.’

Coming together under the tutelage of producer Jason (who saw them through early gigs which featured drunken crowds and exploding speakers), the group have amassed a well-deserved cult following, carving a reputation as the premier exponents of the Oakland aesthetic. What actually is the Oakland aesthetic? That’s a tough one. “I love how diverse that particular neighborhood is,” CoCo revealed to SF Weekly. “It's so urban, but there's a lot of artists that live there. I mean you've got artists that live there, fucking Burning Man people that live there, galleries, just a hodgepodge, kind of how we are.”

Not that their entire existence is a long haze of bohemian partying – the guys all have 9 to 5 jobs, and a sizeable chunk of HOTTUB’s insane performance style (expect yells of ‘Manbitch, make me a sandwich!’) comes from letting off steam after a hard day’s work. They’re balancing their day jobs with their nighttime alter-egos quite admirably for now – not many people can claim to both slave away in an office yet also have supported massive acts like M.I.A and the Ting Tings. Oh – and if you don’t think they’re busy enough, they also regularly help out young musicians at Oakland’s Girls Rock Camp.