Hit Me TV


Jaap Warmenhoven (Vocals), Frank van Roessel (Guitar), Thijs van Vuure (Bass), Bow Evers (Drums)


Indie/Pop/Rock/New Wave quartet from Amsterdam. Signed to IIII III I Records. Releases to date include Hit Me TV (2008) and IIII II I (2012).


“Through a mad combination of bad luck and lack of anything else to do.” That’s how Hit Me TV describe their formation, and it’s almost as direct as the primary influence which supposedly brought them together: “women.” Don’t worry, though – this Amsterdam indie four-piece have overcome those initial misgivings to create a sound that is “not as neurotic as it used to be.”

Jocularity aside – Hit Me TV are fond of less-than-serious answers – there is a seriousness to this. They have crafted a highly accomplished sound from the myriad of difficulties the band members have apparently faced in the past. “Everybody brings his frustrations,” they reason. “Jaap, in doing so quite literally, brings in the lyrics. Frank makes the mad guitar riffs. Bow brings the pure joy of a little lamb, Thijs brings his almost distracted cool.” Does this mean that Hit Me TV are – with the exception of that joyful lamb – a brooding bunch? Hell no. At least not any more – “we are afraid of pop no more”, they state, and the melodious hooks present in their sound is a good indicator of this.

So: aside from overcoming neuroses, what turns these guys on? “The Arab Spring, John Steward and anything sounding French,” they muse. An intriguing combination, and – if their trajectory to date has been anything to go by – quite a popular one too. “We've played Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands and Marktrock in Belgium and we've toured before mad crowds in England, Finland, Czech Republic and Belgium.” It all sounds like their rock and roll adventure is only just kicking off …