Menno Versteeg (lead vocals, guitar), Nixon Boyd (lead guitar), Dean Baxter (bass), Jake Boyd (drums)

Fast-rising Canadian indie-rock and power-pop four-piece, well known for crafting innovative promo videos. Discography to date includes debut album Record In A Bag (2010), White Paint (2013) and 111 Songs (2015). 

Born and raised in Manotick, Ontario (in fact, three of the band members grew up on the same street together), Hollerado came together in April 2007. Relocating to Montreal, they’ve since been gathering a well-deserved reputation as everyone’s favorite Bright Young Things.

According to the band, they came together “playing yardboard listening to The Yardbirds on the same street in Manotick. For those who don't know what yardboard is, it's a popular game played in rural Canada, similar to Chinese checkers, except life-sized and you can score "tri's." It's played in open fields using curling stones and you ride on lawn mowers.”

Jake in particular has vivid memories: “I was probably 9 or 10, or 11. Menno took Nick and I to our first rock concert. He’s a little older than us and he had a car. It was Foo Fighters and Green Day, back when both were still awesome. Neither of those bands are the worst things out there though.” The group are all big fans of The Kinks (stating in the past that they prefer them over The Beatles or The Rolling Stones) and their pop sensibility has often been compared to the likes of Supergrass, Stephen Malkmus and Weezer.

Going on to support acts such as Andrew W.K, The Stills, Malajube and Jack White’s The Dead Weather (singled out by Mr. White himself, no less), they’ve also developed something of a reputation for crafting fantastic, viral-material pop videos along the lines of YouTube superstars OK Go. Check out the cinespiel for both "Got To Lose" and "Americanarama" for proof of this. 

They’re also no slouches live: they’ve played as far afield as China, and in 2009 they embarked on their "seven bars in seven cities seven days a week" tour, taking on Boston, New York, Lacolle, Quebec, Hamilton, Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Sounds slightly nomadic. Vocalist Menno would agree: “right now, we don’t have a home. We’re living in a van.”

They claim their craziest moment on the road so far has been “meeting the lead singer of Bad Company at Sears,” which – as far as supermarket-related celebrity encounters – is undeniably pretty impressive. Just don’t get them started on Nickelback. “Bands like us who are working really hard to make music different and interesting have a real bone to pick with Chad Kroeger, who’s making it, uh, uninteresting and not very inventive,” says Nick. “His lyrics are total crap, and we just always have a bone to pick with him I guess.”

Hollerado: mixing killer guitar melodies with bear-baiting opinions since 2007 … and hopefully well into the future.


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