Horses on Fire


Thijs De Cloedt (music, guitar), Michélé De Feudis (music, lyrics, vocals, guitar),Alessandro De Feudis (drums), Anthony Statius (bass guitar)


Melodic Belgian guitar rock. Signed to V2 Records. Discography to date includes Electric Orphans (2012), Horses On Fire (2012) and Any Kind Of Storm (2013).


”Somewhere in 2008,” Horses On Fire recall, “Michélé and Thijs are two graphic designers could no longer avoid each other. We studied on the same school and something else was also is lurking around the corner: our passion for music.Thijs, already travelled across at least two continents with Aborted, a renowned metal band. Meanwhile he has left that band -without hard feelings- and is looking to broaden his musical horizons. Right at that moment we met. And a spark ignited.And we started to form the plans for a new band.”

“Michélé and his brother Alessandro, with whom he shares the same Italian roots, are more than eager to respond to Thijs’ interest. The purpose: a new band. October has come and somewhere in the distance we can hear a galloping horse. A freshly graduated bass player (Anthony) joins the company and Ghent becomes their operating base.Horses on Fire is born”.

Filtering in their influences – “Queen, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Black Keys, The Raconteurs, The Black Angels, The Beatles,Queens of The Stone Age, Johnny Cash, Garage Rock, Kiss, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones” – the band began to develop their sound. “When we started it was more hard rock, stoner rock,” they explain. “Through the years it all began to be more melodic, clearer.”

This harmonious, melodic vibe seems to be reflected in the character of the group itself. “We all have an equal share in the band,” they muse. “From management to song writing. No ego's here.” It’s an aesthetic that has seen them go places. “The proudest moment until now was playing on a Dutch TV show called 'DE WERELD DRAAIT DOOR'. It has more than 1 500 000 viewers. Also supporting Belgian band Triggerfinger was a great moment. We always try to have a good time. So no weak moments here. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll.” Maybe not as long a road to the top as they think?