Alex Vojdani (vocals, guitar, keys and lyrics), Donald Fisher (vocals, keys, synth bass, mandolin, guitars, and lyrics), Matt Kronish (vocals, guitars, banjo and lyrics), Jordan Avesar (drums)


Organic, winding, intricate rock music from San Fernando Valley-based four piece. Discography includes Would Work (2010), Food For Thought (2010), Work Horse (2011) and Return To Zero (2015). 


For a band whose sound is so cohesive and structurally-honed, it possibly won’t come as a surprise to learn that three of the guys in Infantree have been together since an early age. “We all went to adjacent schools,” they remember, “and we all played music and we just got really lucky to have met each other. Generally Jordan brings his drums, Don brings a bass and Alex and Matt bring some guitars. We all have individual perspectives on music and life which helps us to not run out of places to draw ideas from.” Their influences? “In music- mostly everything.In life- mostly music.”

Their name came about because of a number of factors: firstly there’s the obvious ‘teamwork’ pun, which is fairly apt for a band as tightly-knit as this. Then there’s the element of nature reference. The band clearly have a connection towards the natural world, as their particularly verbose official band bio reads: “Infantree is a symbol for growth. Whether it be intellectual, spiritual, physical, or emotional; growth is growth. If left unchecked, exponential growth could devour prosperity as we know it. Only when it’s applied within a means does growth reach it’s true potential of ceaseless sustainability. Infantree applies this method by way of harmony, like-mindedness, and an articulation of each indvidual’s role/capacity as a musician/human-being. At the same time the use of childlike reckless abandon seems key to wading through the water-mark left by the mainstream mindset. This dynamic has helped the members of Infantree to spread their roots as friends while simultaneously growing as a band.”

And those roots are spreading thick and fast. It was only as recently as 2010 that Infantree had yet to embark on a large-scale tour, and their performance at that year’s SXSW Festival marked a huge progression in their live capabilities (and maybe expanded their trusty survival kit of “guitar strings and cigarettes”.) Fast-forward less than year and none other than Conan O’Brien counts himself as a huge fan, singing the praises of Infantree on his show, as well as inviting them in for an attention-grabbing TV performance. And that tour happened eventually – “a three and a half week trip in a mini-van going across country thru every possible type of weather and time zone. There were tornadoes, awesome shows and Po-Po's.”

A growth in exposure, then, as well as an artistic one. “Recently we have been trying to write groups of songs that relate to each other in key and/or subject matter, and hopefully listeners think the upcoming album sounds more together from song to song than our previous ones.”

They’ve set down their roots with admirable speed and conviction. All that remains for music fans now is to stand back and watch the Infantree grow.