Jim Fairchild


Jim Fairchild (also records under name ‘All Smiles’)


Solo indie rock. Signed to Small Aisles.Discography to date includes Ten Readings of a Warning (2007), Oh for the Getting and Not Letting Go( 2009), Fall Never Fell EP (2009), Staylow and Mighty (2011). 


How’s this for a resume? As well as performing solo under the name ‘All Smiles’, Jim Fairchild has also undergone a stint as the lead guitarist of a little band named Granddaddy – perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed acts of the noughties – and is presently also the touring guitarist for indie superstars Modest Mouse.

So – how would Jim himself describe his sound? The answer is simple: ‘I wouldn’t’. Evidently he’s a man happy to let the music speak for itself, and – given the number of creative outlets he engages with – it’s safe to say that there are a lot of people willing to listen.

Describing his influences (in a similarly enigmatic manner) as “walking, The Beatles, the sun, rain, food, violence and Charlie Chaplin,” Jim began playing the guitar at the age of 14, and has since embarked on a career which has been as eclectic as it has unpredictable. This is something he seems to savour, however, revealing that he has “become more comfortable when knowing that plans are about to change.”

And those plans have taken him lots of places so far – as well as his time with Grandaddy and Modest Mouse, he’s toured with Giant Sand, spearheaded a project at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, and contributed to the Admiral Radley album ‘I Heart California.’ “Playing with all the people I've played with has made me proud,” he reflects.“Hesitation has lead to my weakest moments.”

As for his contemporaries? “Everyone who is alive.” It seems there are plenty of fans in awe of his musical talent who would beg to differ …