Joshua Cook and the Key of Now

Joshua Cook, formerly of The Soft White Sixties

Blue-eyed soul, rock and pop. Releases to date include Misadventures Part One (2013).

Former lead guitarist and back-up vocalist of The Soft White Sixties, Joshua Cook is a veteran of soul-infused rock and roll. He stripped his sound down but turned the blues up for his solo band, The Key of Now, a project he officially introduced with the debut single “All Bad Things.” Along with a drummer and bassist, Cook sounds and looks comfortable as the front man of his own outfit, driving each rhythm and blues-flavored tune with attitude-drenched vocals and endless guitar licks.

Cook describes the sound he makes as "blue-eyed soul and power pop," and lists his influences as "gospel music, the Beatles, Star Wars and my mom." The dynamic of his relationship with his bandmates is particularly interesting. "Everytime we play together," he reflects, "the music changes. The Key of Now is all about the organized chaos of freely improvising according to the discreet road-map provided by 'the song,' and from performance to performance one may not notice drastic differences - a note here, an accent there - but the songs do possess a life of their own, and over time the arrangements gradually transform, like the erosion of a river bank. The studio versions exist as the idealized representations of each song, while the concerts are where the music continues to live and breathe and interact. And the more songs we write, the more road-maps we have at our disposal, and oh the places we'll go!"

He lists his contemporaries as "Quinn DeVeaux, Papa Bear, Gospel Flats, Be Calm Honcho, The Ferocious Few, The Tumbleweed Wanderers, Mahgeetah and The Soft White Sixties."


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