Los Nadies


Mateo Nube (guitarist), Francisco Ferrer (guitar), Juan Cuba (vocals), Garsha Shabankharsi (percussionist), Jose Vergelin (drums), Marco Bianchi (bass)


Rock, South American folklore and Afro-Latin rhythms.Discography to date includes La Vela and El Lobo


Los Nadies have created one of the freshest sounds to come out of the Bay Area’s Latin music scene in a long time. They bring a keen mix of politics, poetry, street party and musicianship every time they venture onstage, thrilling audiences with their unique blend of rock, nueva trova, South American folklore and Afro-Latin rhythms.

“We play an eclectic mix of Latin rhythms fused with guitar based rock,” they explain. “Part dance party, part political consciousness and a good dose of personal exploration somewhat describe our sound. The band members come from different countries, including Perú, Bolivia, Argentina and Iran. On the one hand, we have all been influenced by Latin American folkloric and Nueva Canción music as well as Afrocuban and Brazilian rhythms. We also came of age in the 70s and 80s listening to American, British and Latin American rock. Some of the influences we can cite include Silvio Rodriguez, Bunburi, Jaguares, Caifanes, Calamaro, Leon Gieco, Seru Giran, Deep Purple, Led Zepellin, Manu Chao and Santana.”

So: how did this eclectic bunch get together? “Some members of Los Nadies have been playing together in different bands for over 2 decades,” they recall, “including the seminal local Rock en Español band Zudaka. When that band broke apart, several of us played together for a couple of years as part of Santero, and then went on to form Los Nadies in 2003. Mostly we’ve been brought together by a passion to make music that speaks to our common Latin American origins fused with the rock music we all grew up with.”

As for what they each bring to the collective, they have no doubts. “Juan Cuba, from Perú, is our lead singer, plays rhythm guitar and is a great song writer. We are all blown away by the quality of his songs. He brings many of the ideas for the songs which we then craft together in a collective process. He is also a great front man and brings a lot of soul and passion to our performances.”

“Mateo Nube, from Bolivia, plays lead electric guitar, provides backup vocals and writes heartfelt atmosphere rich songs as well. An activist with a lot of heart, he brings a lot of our political consciousness to the fore.”

“Pablo Lynch, from Argentina, is the latest member to join the band. He plays bass in the group, but is a talented multi-instrumentalist and helps with the arrangements. His laid back attitude and humility hides the fact that he probably knows more about the craft of making music than all the rest of us combined.”

“Garsha Shabankhani, from Iran, plays congas, bongos, cajón and other assorted percussion instruments. Despite the fact that he speaks little Spanish, he manages to hang with us as a true brother. He has a great knowledge of Afrocuban and Brazilian rhythms and is an all around great guy.”

“José Vergelin, from Argentina, plays drums and percussion. A producer/director by trade, besides being the powerful backbeat of band, he tends to be the manager and organizing force behind Los Nadies.”

With such a prestigious and talented line-up, then, it seems this remarkable band is all set to continue their exiting evolution. “It’s impossible not to evolve,” they reflect. “Life is evolution and we’ve been fortunate to allow ourselves to flow with our creativity. Soundwise, we’ve definitely become tighter and more accomplished musicians. A lot of our songs are born from jams and we’ve become better at distilling good songs from those jams. As a band, we have never considered ourselves to be a commercial band with high end ambitions. Therefore we let our collective tastes drive the creative process. On a personal level, perhaps the biggest evolution has been being able to let go of the ego driven desire to be on stage and simply play for the joy of making music and entertaining our audiences.”