Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony


Nick Powers, Kevin Gautschi and Dylan Gautschi


Self-described 'adventure rock' hailing from California. Signed to Amazing Pony Records. Releases to date include We Became Monsters (2012). 


Nick, Kevin and Dylan all grew up together in the meth-dusted gulch of Crockett, CA (and Port Costa, CA), which, along with Rodeo, CA and Hercules, CA, comprise the most unheard-of area in the East Bay, CA. They were in different bands at first, but after some time passed and some things happened, they were in the same band. In the 18 months since MP&TLFS played their first show, they recorded a three-song demo at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA, a 13-song album at Studio Trilogy in SF, CA and a 2-song 7" back at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA. They played over 100 shows in and out of the Bay Area, and are proud to have shared the stage with the likes of Buckethead, Prima Donna, Ashkon, EV Kain, The Phenomenauts, Barons of Tang, Foxtails Brigade, Everyone Is Dirty, The Soft White Sixties, French Cassettes, Tornado Rider, Super Adventure Club, Black Cobra Vipers, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits, Battlehooch and Mystic Knights of the Cobra.