Make Believe


Tim Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Bobby Burg, Sam Zurick


Indie-rock from Illinois. Signed to Flameshovel Records. Discography to date includes Shock of Being, Of Course and Going To The Bone Church.


Make Believe formed in 2003 and early on characterized by their intensive practice schedule, enlisting its members into a full-time band. At one time considered a touring version of Joan of Arc - Make Believe was live and energetic developing distance from Joan of Arc. Calling on four constant members to form this band- already they differed from their close relative Joan of Arc- despite the overlapping of members including front man Tim Kinsella.

The band separated themselves from other indie rock bands by substituting cymbals for the Wurlitzer - played by multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella (while simultaneously playing drums). In 2004 the band continued a heavy tour schedule in addition to their highly anticipated debut self-titled EP.

Later in 2004 the band released a Pink 7" featuring two additional songs that the band had been playing live for almost a year- one song featuring vocals from Bobby Burg. 2005 Make Believe was more than just another Kinsella side project with the release of their first full-length album Shock of Being. The release was well received and Make Believe continued touring with names such as Hella and Cursive.

Upon the release of Of Course Make Believe headlined a US tour - but soon after Tim Kinsella announced he would be leaving the band for personal reasons. The band was wrapping up their thought to be final album with Tim Kinsella- their future uncertain. Due to unforeseen circumstances Tim Kinsella rejoined the band with little time wasted and in 2008 Going to the Bone Church was released.