Monsieur Periné

Santiago Prieto (strings), Camilo Parra (winds), Nicholas Junca (guitar), Fabian Peñaranda (bass), Miguel Guerra (percussion), Daniel Chebair (percussion), Catalina Garcia (vocals)

Re-inventors of Columbian swing music, hailing from Bogotá.

Monsieur Periné are more than a musical group. They are a creative project born out of the artistic and rhythmic exploration undertaken by Catalina Garcia, Santiago Prieto, Nicolas Junca and Camilo Parra in 2007.

They are seven young Colombians living in Bogotá whose musical approach consists of an ensemble with rhythms and instruments from the Jazz Manouche (the French adaptation of the American swing of the 30s forged by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and popular Latin American music) such as the bolero, samba, son cubano, cumbia, currulao, raspa and tango. This exploration has allowed them to create a unique concept that already has its own label: “Suin a la colombiana.”

As part of this creative and musical experiment, they have experimented with instruments ranging from the guitar, the violin, the western concert flute, the ronroco, the charango, to the gaida, the melodica, the key-flute, percussion instruments and the torpedo scraper among others.


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