Pedro Sá Moraes


Pedro Sá Moraes (voice and electric/acoustic guitar), Daniel Marques (guitar), Ricardo Sá Reston (bass), Elcio Cáfaro (drums)


Vigorous Brazilian funky rhythms. Discography to date includes Samba do Baú (2007) and Claroescuro (2008). 


Considered one of the most important composers and singers in the new Brazilian Popular Music scenario, Pedro Sá Moraes´ career officially began 10 years ago with an unforeseen episode of international acknowledgement. Mexican rising jazz star Magos Herrera, deeply influenced by Brazilian classics, brought to wide audiences in her country two songs by Pedro, which led him to a short and successful tour to Mexico City and New York. Upon returning to Brazil, Pedro became one of the leaders of a generation that´s been breaking grounds in Brazilian songwriting, organizing and taking part in several collective projects, such as the “Brotherhood of Free Music”.

Never losing sight of his opus as a composer, Pedro started, in 2003, a very successful parallel career as a samba interpreter, springing from the traditional bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, to nation-wide touring, mostly with the ensemble “É com esse que eu vou”, with whom he recorded the acclaimed album Samba do Baú (the “Treasure-Chest Samba”), dedicated to previously unreleased songs by the greatest masters in the history of this most Brazilian genre (Paulinho da Viola, Cartola, Nelson Sargento among others, with some of whom he had the opportunity of sharing vocals on studio and stage).

Since 2007, after recording his first solo album, Claroescuro, Pedro Sá Moraes has been dedicating fully to promoting his music, with an intense schedule of concerts that has included Europe (England, Germany and Spain), Asia (India - Pedro is the first Brazilian artist to have his CD released by an Indian label - and Sri Lanka) and some successful touring around Brazil, with outstanding response from audiences and press.