Plastic Villains


Todd Andersen (Vox, Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Mike O'Donnell (Vox, Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Jerry Sypkens (Piano, Organ, & Keyboard, Vox), Alex Lozano (Drums & Percussion, Vox), Chris Locs (Bass, Vox)


Psycho-blues from San Francisco. Releases to date include Shades For The A-BombWhoever You Are Today and Don't Look Down.


When asked who the Plastic Villains are and what our mission is, lead singer/guitarist Todd Andersen had this to say:

"The guiding principle behind Plastic Villains is: if all of us love a myriad of different musical genres, sonic textures and artistic directions, why should we confine ourselves to a single one? So many bands, either by their own volition or by the pressure of a record label, fit themselves neatly into ONE genre and content themselves with staying there. Each one of us shares a common ground in the musical realms of hard rock and hip hop, but as individuals we enjoy a diverse spectrum of bands/musicians - from Brian Jonestown Massacre to Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Gil Scott Heron to Fleet Foxes, Mars Volta to Wilco, etc.

“At any one moment all of us can be vibing on different artists, so when it comes time to jam or write an original P Villains song we naturally infuse them with tastes of what we're really digging at the time. This is the Plastic Villains sound, not one easily pigeonholed or definable genre (though we've created the moniker Hard Eclectic to cosmically describe our sound): it is the fusion of various musical styles and inclinations that each of us bring to the table that creates something unique.

“We have also realized that the Internet and digital media have promoted a buffet-style of consuming music: our generation loves to sample all sorts of musical dishes and then fill their sonic plates with the music they find tastiest - which more often than not means various genres coexisting next to one another. We want to promote and provide for this type of musical appetite by recording and playing songs that differ from each other in mood, style and genre. Music should not be relegated into their own sovereign sonic territories, which genre labels promote, they should interact, experiment, procreate and fuse to make new and exciting possibilities - ever-expanding their boundaries not solidifying them.

“In this manner we (Plastic Villains) will never be stagnant or find ourselves confronted with writer's block, because each one of us brings a different element to spark creativity and excitement in music. We want to be a listening experience - a voyage - one that is not easy all the way through because it confronts the status quo, but one that will be fulfilling for the listener as much as the musicians. We want everyone to be our fan and we will do our best to incorporate as many styles and influences as possible so when you come to a Plastic Villains show you'll find Hip Hop fans alongside Headbangers and Psychedelic freaks, young people alongside older folks, people dancing alongside people intently listening to lyrics or instrumental solos, etc.

“This is not the easiest path to take or even the most sure-fire for success, but in the end that doesn't matter because we are all great friends and love every minute of playing music together. Though, ideally we're going to take over the world... we are Villains after all!"