Proyecto Landó


Daniel Zamalloa (Lead Guitar), Javier Trujillo (2nd Guitar), Jose Roberto Hernandez (2nd Guitar & Vocals), Federico Zuñiga (Bass), Darren Smith (Alt & Tenor Sax), Evelio Roque (Tenor Sax & Chorus), Sage Bagott (Bongo/Cowbell, Quijadal & Chorus), Michaelle Gorlitz (Congas), Ivan Lino-Montes (Bongo/Cowbell & Congas), David Rodriguez (Cajita, Quijada & Chorus), Gabriela Shiroma (Cajita), Jose 'Pacho" Carrasco (Chorus), Pedro Rosales (Cajon, Lead Vocals, Director)


Afro-Peruvian jazz, salsa and swing. Signed to Cabeza e' Comba Productions. Discography to date includes The Wooden Bronze (2009).


The members of Proyecto Landó first began to assemble in 2004 – ‘at my call,’ remembers frontman Pedro Rosales. If that sounds like the comic-book territory of assembling a group of diverse heroes for a mammoth undertaking, then that’s because it isn’t far off – name one other band who’ve dedicated themselves to “hardcore Afro-Peruvian Music with a distinctive Saxophone Section” (as Pedro describes it).

Drawing on a vast selection of influences from their sparkling national heritage – “Peru Negro, Eva Ayllon, Juan Criado, Pepe Vasquez, Augusto Ascuez, Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe, Angel Canales, Sonora Ponceña and Fania All Stars,” Pedro lists – the band began to carve their own niche. And while Pedro muses that “there are some bands in Peru that are doing something similar,such as Cosa Nuestra, Mamaye, Fiesta Negra”, it’s hard to dispute that Proyecto Landó are outstanding in their own field.

How did they become so outstanding? “The members of the band bring their jazz, salsa, classical and folkloric backgrounds,” Pedro explains. “We are getting used to playing 12/8 Lando and Festejo rhythms naturally. It took a little time but is sounding better an better by the second.”

As for the future of the group, Pedro is philosophical. “The proudest moment has not come yet,” he muses, “but the weakest will be when we disband.” Let’s hope the latter doesn’t happen for a long, long time to come.