Quiles & Cloud


Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud


Acoustic ensemble from San Francisco. Releases to date include 'Long Time Coming' (2012) and 'Seminole Star' (2014). 


There is something remarkable in a live performance. A connection of minds and poetry that only exists in that special place and time. For Quiles & Cloud, making records is simply a way to document brief moments like these so that they may be remembered and shared with others.

When Quiles & Cloud perform, this mentality is evident within the first passage. Each note resonating with intent from a place beyond the instruments. In a space occupied by appreciative listeners, this graceful motion in music is felt collectively, weaving a path that’s personal and welcoming at every turn.

It’s no surprise the group chose to continue this tradition of live recording with their sophomore release, Seminole Star. The album was recorded live to 2″ tape at OTR Studios in Belmont, CA with Cookie Marenco, a legend in the high resolution audio world with a masterful ear for live recording.

At first glance, Seminole Star doesn’t seem the most obvious choice for album title. The phrase itself is a play on words with several layered meanings. In its chosen spelling, the title makes reference to the Seminole tribe in North America. The reference pulls from the word’s origin which stems from a Spanish term, cimarrón meaning “runaway” or “wild one”. The word has changed with time and the people of this group now identify as yat’simonoli meaning “free people”. The alternate spelling, “Seminal” Star is suggestive of a light that guides and perhaps changes those compelled to follow it. Though the different spellings evoke very different imagery, when placed side by side their underlying metaphors share a strong creative link.

The album travels on a landscape of subtle musicality and diverse emotional backgrounds. Each song depicts unique experiences told through the eyes of a wayward traveler. There are times of joy, and times of despair. Warmth and sadness wrapped in beautiful tragedy. These “seminal” moments are the underlying theme of the album, and inevitably give context to the mysterious title and accompanying artwork featured as the album’s cover.