Simone Stolzoff


Simone Stolzhoff


San Francisco-based poet and performance artist.


Normally the first approach in a music interview is to analyze the crop of musical influences of the artist in question. With poet Simone Stolzhoff, however, we have to concentrate on a distinctly more literary heritage. “In terms of writing influences I love conversational writers JD Salinger, Junot Diaz, Kristopher Jansma. My favorite poets are Anis Mojgani and Pablo Neruda”. There is some music involved though: “I also derive a lot of inspiration from singer/songwriters like The Tallest Man On Earth and Paolo Nutini.”

“I guess I try to write about what I know,” he muses. “I'm a big believer in "it's not what you write about, it's how you write about it." So a lot of my pieces are about the same topics—family, love etc. Most my poems are humorous in nature, but I always try to drive back to an overarching message. I think when I first started writing, I would try to tackle "meaningful" topics. I wrote a lot more general and political pieces, but I think since then, my style has evolved to try to expose narratives in everyday events and thoughts. I guess I realized that good writing doesn't necessarily have to stem from major losses or triumphs.”