Sioux City Kid


Jared Griffin (guitar, lead vocals), Adam Finkin (Bass, vocals), Andrew Laubacher (Drums, vocals) , Jake Smolowe (Keys), Mike Hirsch (Saxophone), Jon Liang (Trumpet), Davey Diamonds (Lead Guitar, vocals)


All-American, bluegrass-tinged Rock and Roll. Discography to date includes Revolutionary Ramblers and Minutes, Miles, Troubles And Trials. 


Sometimes the tried-and-tested methods are the best. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about Sioux City Kid’s sound and aesthetic, but that hardly matters when you’re too busy dancing to some classic rock licks to notice. This isn’t to say that the band is unimaginative – far from it, as lead singer Jared explained to Performer upon recounting his influences. “I don’t think I’ll ever have an answer,” he mused, “but maybe American rock ‘n’ roll. Our influences include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who; all that British rock. Blues as well, and recently we’ve been on a ’50s kick – Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly, guys like that. I love Tom Waits and he’s a genius, but more came out of weird drunken nights listening to Howlin’ Wolf.”

The vocal strains of both Wolf and Waits are certainly evident in Jared’s hard-living rasp; a voice which accompanies his band’s playful yet heavy yet improvisational yet rough-edged guitar strumming. Add hints of blues and jazz to the mix too, and you’ve got a band that transcend the initial impression of pure party rockers. Lyrically there is a good deal of sophistication too – narratives of love and loss weave in and out of killer riffs and awesome solos, uniting to form a highly charged atmosphere.

There’s a nicely burgeoning Americana scene in the Bay area right now, fusing that traditional sound with as many different elements as the periodic table. So: if a little winding and jamming is also your thing, you’ll find that Sioux City Kid combine all-out rockin’ with genuine musical prowess to the envy of their contemporaries.