Taipei Pop Music Workshop 2017

今年夏季,BAMM.tv榮幸並感謝在台北市政府文化局的誠摯邀請下,BAMM.tv召集其來自於舊金山與倫敦的專業國際團隊,籌畫並執行2017流行音樂節目製播國際工作坊的計畫。在一週時間緊湊的合作下, BAMM.tv的國際師資,與來自台灣影視產業資深與年輕具潛力的學員們,共同孜孜不倦完成了這個珍貴的音樂影片。

表演者 與 演出曲目 (依影片中出現順序):

Simon & Sowut S/S feat. Illpa〈PANNA〉〈黑松〉
繆以欣 MIAO –〈沒關係我愛你〉〈漸忘症〉
DJ VONIK–〈VONIK & Feng Chu - Lion (Original Mix)〉〈DJ VONIK - John Christian & TripL Ft. Jessy Katz - Glance To The Future (VONIK & Feng Chu Demo)〉
厭世少年 Angry Youth –〈青春校園戀愛物語〉〈再次愛上你〉

Produced in collaboration with PIPE Live Music

And here it is! The video produced by the students of the 2017 Taipei Pop Music Workshop, and’s lecturers. sincerely thanks Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs, which invited us to plan and conduct the workshop with our professional lecturers. The workshop used industry-standard, cinematic methods of shooting, as well as advanced recording and mixing techniques. Our American and European team was most grateful for the opportunity to lead the Taiwanese students in real-world, hands-on production practices. We accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time and look forward to undertaking more projects in Taiwan soon.

Simon & Sowut S/S feat. Illpa
繆以欣 Miao
厭世少年 Angry Youth