Tambores Julio Remelexo


Julio Remelexo


World-renowned percussionist hailing from Salvador, Bahia. 


Julio Remelexo was born in Salvador, Bahia. His roots in Brazilian music stem from his mother, and integral singer of the group Ilê Aiyê in Salvador, Brazil. His mother’s participation in the Afro-Bloco awoke in him the interest and desire to participate in the cultural group. As a young teen he began is training as a percussionist at Ilê Aiyê’s school in Curuzu - Salvador. At 16 he became a member of Banda Aiyê. With this band, he performed in Salvador’s famous Carnaval every year, each year his love of percussion growing. Julio Remelexo has given both national and international workshops and toured Brazil, Europe and the United States with Ilê Aiyê. In Brazil, Julio Remelexo was the leader of the two bands: Banda Desine and Jovencia. In 2003 the organization Brasarte invited him to return to the United States to participate in a cultural exchange.

Through Brasarte, Julio Remelexo began teaching kids and teens Brazilian popular and traditional percussion. Since his arrival in the U.S. Julio Remelexo has played with many different Brazilian Bands in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Kansas including Sambada, Tambores do Brasil, Elba Ramalho, Renee, Samba da Terra, Sotaque Baiano, Nobody from Ipanema, Rio Tribal, Omo Aiye, Farina Seca, and others. He also worked with Brasarte and the Ethnic Arts Institute teaching percussion to deserving kids and teens in schools and after-school programs. Besides being known as a musician specializing in Brazilian percussion, Julio Remelexo is most well known for two things: unique style of dancing and doing tricks with instruments while playing them and his percussion group Tambores De Julio Remelexo (formerly known as Banda Remelexo).