The Ferocious Few

Francisco Fernandez (guitar, vocals), Daniel Aguilar (drums)

No-nonsense rock and roll. Signed to Birdman Records. Discography to date includes Juices (2011) and Something For Nothing (2014)

The phrase "reclaiming public space" is something that is bandied around by various people, but The Ferocious Few have taken that notion to the next level. Back in 2007 two young men set down a cheap low wattage amp and a cardboard drum kit at the corner of 16th & Mission in San Francisco, and began to play. Onlookers may well have been expecting horrible non-music from a couple of tone-deaf buskers – instead they got an awesome rock sound which has been getting better ever since.

“We started playing on Powell Street in San Francisco,” guitarist and singer Francisco told Stay Thirsty. “We realized that we could make a couple bucks doing it, and we were just making up songs at that time. Then we kept playing on the streets until it just became the way I made my living. Now we are just currently nonstop everyday to get as many people listening to the music as possible in the hopes that we will be an international touring entity.”

Having taken their influences (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Motorhead, among others) to the streets, the pair soon found themselves snapped up by Birdman Records, and began to transpose their guerrilla guitar antics from the sidewalk to the studio. But the notion of setting up stage on a street corner is something that continues to inspire their aesthetic. “I feel like music is about my experience and where I come from,” Francisco explained to SF Critic. “To build communities you have to share things like that. When I’m travelling I want to take something with me to express who I am to the people that I am going to visit their space, instead of the old tradition of tourism that you’d go and take pictures — you’re taking.”

It’s this play-where-you-like attitude that also inspired their iPhone app Pocket Rock It – a reality-augmentation tool which allows you to place miniature versions of the rockin’-out band members onto any location you like.