The Frail


Daniel Lannon (vocalist), Kevin Durr (producer), Rob Pera (guitarist), Izzy Chavarin (bassist)


Indie-tronic pop-rock from San Francisco. Discography to date includes The Firefly (2010), Lasers Over Lovers (2011), Pieces of Silence (2011). 


Odd that The Frail would give themselves a name which evokes images of fragility and weakness, given that they’re well on their way to becoming superstars. It’s been a four-year ride to date, but it’s one which is now seeing them gather national acclaim and an ever-expanding fanbase. “The band got together via craigslist,” Dan reveals. “I had just left a band I was in and found that Kev was looking for a singer. We sent some tracks back and forth and wrote our first song called Who Am I. We became an official band Jan 1st 2007! We went through a few rough spots until Izzy and Rob joined about a year ago.”

Despite their years together, defining their sound is still something they don’t find easy. “This one is always hard to answer but I usually pin us down as indie/pop,” Dan muses. “We definitely have an approach to pop music that is pretty unusual and always seems to come out a little different while still wearing that pop tag on it's sleeve.” For a much clearer idea of where they’re coming from, it probably helps to look at their influences, all of which share a similar electro-feel. Kev reels off the list: “Boards of Canada, Stereolab, Broken Social Scene, The Flaming Lips, Broadcast, Hot Chip, Jon Brion, Ravel, My Bloody Valentine and M83.”

Dan and Kev both feel that they bring their own unique properties to the collective. “I'm kind of the prissy one in the group,” Dan says. “I mean I am the youngest, and the most demanding. Oh, that … and I love things that have a hook. I always push for that.” Kev reveals himself to be a little more insular, describing himself as a “reclusive music nerd who prefers to focus more on production, music programming, and songwriting. I can be seen on stage or with the band once in a blue moon.”

With such a mix of personalities, then, it’s only natural that the development and consistency of The Frail’s sound will have an organic quality. How have they changed since their inception? “At the very beginning,” Kev remembers, “we started out as a two-piece relying on catchy synth parts and dance/IDM beats, like a mix of the The Faint and The Postal Service. Over the course of four years we've graduated to a full band combining the guitar, electric bass guitar, and live drums while maintaining our original electronic sound (synths, drum machine programmed beats).”

It’s a journey that – while only just beginning – has seen them play alongside some legendary acts. Their greatest moment to date, Kev feels, is “having the privilege to play with Hot Chip, TV on the Radio, and Justice at the Treasure Island music festival. We were playing with our musical influences that day. It was an amazing feeling.”