The Fudge



‘A sweeter sound’


Midas Treub (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Max Westendorp (Guitar/Vocals), Ruben van Wiggen (Guitar), Darius Timmer (Keys/Vocals), Shawn Jah King Moorhead (Bass), Florent De Jong (Drums/Vocals)


‘Magnetic Rock’ from Amsterdam. Disbanded in 2014. Discography to date includes ‘Morning Comes Again’ (2011).


Brought together by accident on a cold evening in 2009, six guys decided to embark on a musical adventure. The Fudge was born.

Every band member had his own musical background, and during that first meeting it became immediately clear that this diversity would prove to be one of the band’s biggest strengths. ‘People were constantly having new ideas. We wrote three songs during our first rehearsal’, says Darius Timmer (keys and vocals).

After that, the band decided to make an action plan. Midas Treub (lead vocals and guitar) recalls: ‘We wanted to play as many gigs as possible while working on new material at the same time. So we decided to enter all the competitions we could find, in order to finance our first album.’

And so The Fudge started playing at many Dutch venues with a whole range of instruments, effects and techniques. Combining Rock, Balkan, Folk, Pop, Psychedelic and Ska. They dubbed it Magnetic Rock: loud, tight, and great to dance to.

‘I think that the fact that we have so much fun on stage has helped us do well in competitions’, concludes Midas.

And they did do well. They won the Koninginnenach competition in The Hague, the MakeMoreMusic competition, and the MCN Audience Award as well as the second place for the Grote Prijs van Nederland. These achievements not only spread the band’s name, but also brought in some money – which was immediately invested into recording an album. Together with Jonas Filtenborg (Relax, Beef), the band went into the studio around the end of 2010, and within three weeks they recorded the entire album Morning Comes Again. The tracks were mastered by the American Brad Blackwood (Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5), who took care of bringing out the many layers of sound in the band’s music.