The John Brothers Piano Company


‘Keep it in the family’


John Thatcher Boomer, John Steven Morgan, Maxwell Moriyama


Bay Area musical art collective.Discography to date includes ‘The John Brothers Piano Company’ (2010), 'Work' (2012) and 'Quintet' (2013). Performances with BAMM include ‘Computer Duster’ and ‘Mint Julep’.


The John Brothers Piano Company is an art collective formed by John Steven Morgan, John Thatcher Boomer, and Max Moriyama in the East Bay Area. The primary aesthetic of the collective attempts to render several different artforms, mainly original music, outside of established venues and directly to the public via alternative settings such as mass transit boarding and outdoor settings.

Weekly, the John Brothers bring a small spinet piano to San Francisco, Berkeley and Rockridge BART stations and play continuously for up to seven hours. All music, though containing several differnet styles ranging from Jazz to blues to stride and classical, is composed by John Morgan and Thatcher Boomer. Max Moriyama provides sole artistic direction- putting a “face” to the John Brothers Piano Company by combining century old illustration with modern techniques to create a nostalgic sensibility.