The Soft White Sixties

Octavio Genera, Joey Bustos, Ryan Noble, Aaron Eisenberg, Joshua Cook

Strutting, soul-infused rock and roll. Discography to date includes their self-titled EP (2011) and Get Right (2015)

The Soft White Sixties make no bones about their unashamedly retro roots, and – given their overall aesthetic – it certainly shows. They’ve been belting out straight-down-the-line rock and roll stompers since their formulation in 2008. How did that formulation take place? “Octavio met Joey at an afterparty in the Haight,” they recount. “Joey called up Ryan, they found Aaron at a show, and Aaron found Josh on the interwebs.”

It’s a relationship that has proved to be a rewarding one, both in terms of creative output and general band dynamics. “The whole is greater than the some of its parts,” they explain. “We each bring unique qualities that contribute to the success of the band.


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