Trevor Garrod


Trevor Garrod


Country folk-rock singer/songwriter from San Francisco, also part of Tea Leaf Green. Discography to date includes Miss Fortune (2010).


Trevor Garrod is a singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California. After spending the last 10 years rambling around the country as the principle song writer and keyboardist for the rock band, Tea Leaf Green, he has finally completed his first solo release, Miss Fortune.

"This one is for the broken hearted fools drowning in the sea of their own faulty memories. It's for the rickety roads cracking and restive bones creaking toward the setting sun. It's a story of despair, discontent and the slow sinking recovery back into the land of the living". Garrod says of the upcoming release. "It's a record for break ups and bad days. For cold foggy summers stuck in the top story of a light house. It's a warning to heedless ships on the wanton sea. It's a journey to safe harbours and salvation.

Garrod goes on to explain some of the inspiration behind the album, "While writing and recording most of this record I had a post card tacked to my piano. It was a lithograph of an old ad for the Eureka Silk Company, of a ship foundering in shallow waters on Ocean Beach, which is just a few blocks away from my Garden Shed up on the hill. A yellow moon rises above the old cliff house. A long cable of silk thread is pulling the ship on to shore. Desperate men hang from the line, a team of horses pulls a buggy down the beach. It must be very late at night or very early in the morning. I imagine sleepy children looking through the legs of onlookers, staring quietly at the struggle beyond the breaking waves. I don’t know if that ship ever survives. I suppose that we all must parish eventually. It's only the weakest of threads that pulls us along to our final state of peace and enlightenment."