Rodrigo Gonsalves (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Adriántxu Salas (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals), Juan Víctor Belisario (Bass Guitar), Mangan (Drums)


Esoteric indie-rock from Caracas, Venezuela. Signed to Altamira Artists. Releases to date include El Día Es Hoy (Today Is The Day) (2007), B-Sides Collection (2012) and Cambie De Nombre (2013). 


VINILOVERSUS is an indie rock band that blends styles from earlier years with today’s upbeat rhythms, for what they’ve been called by the international media ‘the new revelation of Venezuelan rock’. After 6 years in the scene and an average age of 23, these young musicians have turned many heads.

VINILOVERSUS was formed in September 2004, in Caracas, Vzla, as a project between Rodrigo Gonsalves (Guitar / Lead Vocals) and Adrián Salas (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals). After playing for eight weeks, Salas invited Orlando Martínez to become the band’s drummer, despite his lack of musical experience. The lineup would be complete when Héctor Bessón joined them playing bass guitar. From this moment forward, the band would play with two bass guitars, an electric guitar and a drum set.

With a five-song repertoire they classified to represent Caracas in the Festival Nuevas Bandas 2006 (New Bands Festival ’06). On July the 29th, playing to an audience of 6000 people, they won first place. The band used this title as a calling card to enter Venezuelan’s rock scene and during the next 9 months they constantly played in most emblematic venues and festivals. During this period they worked on the songs that would later be included in their first record.

In April 2007, VINILOVERSUS recorded their first album, titled El Día Es Hoy (Today Is The Day), produced by Rudy Pagluica, in Remoto Estudio (Caracas, Vzla.). Without reaching stores yet, this record guarantied the inclusion of the song ‘Directo Al Grano’ in the Puras Joyitas’s Sountrack (a Venezuelan blockbuster) and a video staring Top Model Daniela Vallone, made for the same track.

In March 2008, they embarked on their first international tour. “VINILOVERSUS has recently visited Spain to present the digital version of their debut album, El Día es Hoy. They crossed the Atlantic to perform in front of thousands of new fans in a short, intense and successful tour visiting 3 mayor cities in Spain - Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona.

During the tour, they played at the International Seminary of Music of Barcelona or SIMBA (Seminario Internacional de Música de Barcelona), a very significant event that gathers some of the most important professionals of the subject, recorded the video for ‘Cocaina’ and supported the inclusion of their first album in the Europe iTunes Featured New Artists Gallery.