White Arrows


Mickey Church, Juice, Brother Henry Church, Steven Vernet, Andrew Naeve


Psychedelic, Electronic, Lo-figrooves. Discography to date includes White Arrows EP (2010) and In Bardo (2015). 


Hailing from Los Angeles’ Canyon County, the White Arrows have a somewhat unique way of describing their sound. “Its like the grim reaper surfing a wave,” they explain, “with a 10 foot shark in the crest of the wave following the grim reaper's every move”. Simple, then – although most of us would prefer to label it psychedelic, grooving electronic funk, or as the group also put it, the sound of “the blackest "white" band” out there. We’ll use a few references to make things clearer: if you like the synth-fused sounds of The Killers, Friendly Fires or Ladytron, then White Arrows deserve a prized place in your music collection.

They’re similarly ambivalent – or let’s just say intentionally mysterious – about their influences. “Our biggest influences are NASA, Jodorowski films,” they say, “and music.” Well, no matter how vague the nature of their creative forefathers might be, they’re still very open about the fact that the band’s journey so far has been a winding one. Since they started out, things are “much different. The recordings started out as stripped down demos, and now have flourished into full-bodied entities. It's time for these little birds to fly.”

Just like any other hard-working band, they’ve seen their shares of ups and downs too. “Ourproudest moment as a band was playing the most magical place we've ever been, which was for Sasquatch and at the Gorge,” they remember. And as for the other end of the spectrum? “Our weakest moment was in a dream I once had where we had forgotten all our instruments, and we had to improvise some kind of standup routine on stage.” Let’s hope the result was more akin to Bill Hicks than Dane Cook.

They only have one person they claim as a ‘contemporary’ – the late astronomer and creative mastermind Carl Sagan. Here’s hoping they share a similar propensity for reaching for the stars …