Will Sprott


Will Sprott


Misfit alt-indie folk rock from solo artist – and Mumlers frontman - Sprott. Releases to date include Vortex Numbers (2015). 


For someone whose music has such an archly playful and intellectual slant, it comes as no surprise to find out that William Bartholemeu Sprott is an interview subject of similar wit and verve. Describing his sound as that of an Inside-out numinous caveman and his primary influences to be the Internet and the criminal justice system, he also recounts (perhaps a little sardonically) the beginnings of his musical career. “I joined the glee club when I was in 5th grade,” he explains, “then I got kicked out for being too enthusiastic. This pattern has determined the course of my life.”

His musical evolution since then? It all boils down, he insists, to “more bongos whenever possible” and “more bones protruding from the songs”. Yet there’s genuine reflection about this ethos and artistic journey amidst the impenetrability. “I have respect and admiration for anyone who makes anything,” he reveals. “I don't really look to other songwriters around me for artistic inspiration. I feel like that's one of the last places to look. Talking about contemporaries is more of a historical or critical perspective than a useful way of making things. That being said, I like to think I exist somewhere on the spectrum between Beyonce and Rihanna.”

Okay, so maybe that last remark wasn’t entirely a serious one. Sprott nevertheless has more to say on his musical journey to date. “The thing that makes me happiest about making songs is any time I see evidence that the songs have legs and are living lives independent of me. If someone sends me an email saying that they used a song I wrote as part of their wedding, or birthday or radio show, or I see a video online of some kids skateboarding edited to a song I made or anything like that … it makes me feel like I'm spending my time in a worthwhile way.” 

“I don't know about the weakest moment [I’ve had]. A lot of times that's what making songs is about—zeroing in on those times where you feel your lowest & then plunging your fingers into your wounds to see what kind of magical goop you can find in there.”