Wolf Larsen


‘Born to be wild’


Wolf Larsen


Intimate, narrative-leaning, blanket-fort music from San Francisco. Signed to Wolf Larsen. Discography to date includes ‘Quiet At The Kitchen Door’ (2011). Performances with BAMM includes ‘Way Down In The Hole.’


“I used to be barely audible I sang so quietly,” Wolf Larsen reveals. “I'm a bit louder now.” This is clearly very good news to any fans of her low-key, sensual, aural soundscapes – and with the recent release of her debut album, one can assume those fans are increasing in number by the day.

Describing her sound as “Cowboy Junkies's Margot Timmons sings Leonard Cohen” – Cohen being one of her primary influences, along with Gillian Welch, Juana Molina, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Jack White, Caetano Veloso and Sam Beam– Larsen reveals that her stylings have taken on a more literary slant of late. “The words have become more and more the focus,” she reflects.

Her arresting live performances have built Larsen a well-deserved reputation both locally and internationally. Who does she feel are her contemporaries right now? Kelly McFarling, Megan Keely, The Lumineers, Wolf n' Crow, Sonya Cotton, Fox and Woman.

Larsen has also donated a significant portion of her album proceeds to organizations that invest in the education of girls around the world, starting with The Nike Foundation’s initiative called The Girl Effect, which invests in the education and business development of girls.

Something to be hugely proud of, obviously. What else would she say have been her defining moments? “My proudest moment would be releasing my first record, Quiet at the Kitchen Door, on my own label. Weakest: the time when JJ Schultz gave me the hook at the Hotel Utah for doing a medley of Leonard Cohen songs. He was right, I was wrong. One song only.”


The BAMM Questionnaire

What would be your dream gig/venue?

I'd love to forge career playing living room concerts and opera house concerts exclusively.

What event would prove to yourself that you've "made it"?

Opening for a hero.

Karaoke song?

I am opposed to Karaoke. This was an unpopular stance when I lived in Japan for a summer.

Who’s a hero of yours?

I bet I could answer every question with the same answer. Leonard Cohen.

Drink of choice?

Makers Mark, neat.

If you had to make a pretty girl/guy laugh, what's your joke?

So, a ham sandwich walks into a bar, and the bar tender stares at it and says, "We don't serve ham sandwiches here."

BAMM Memories

It was great (if a bit loud for quiet-times Wolf.) I love the crew at BAMM, and they all seem to be writers, and I do like that.