Yung Mars


Reginald Carpenter


California hip-hop.Signed to Hoodzfinezt. Discography to date includes Yung Mars (2007).


Every rapper has a story, including Yung Mars. Born November 23, 1987 in Compton, California, Reginald Carpenter knew that one day he would tell his story to the world.

Growing up in South Central with no father around to help support his mother, Yung Mars grew to understand the true definition of surviving. With his mom working different jobs to provide for her family and the family having to moveto shelters, and different families, Mars understood the true meaning of cherishing life. As he grew up, music was his escape as he listened to music that related to life in that moment. It wasn’t until he was nineteen that he felt the need to pick up a mic and tell his story to the world, through music.

“I always knew I had the potential to do something and a story to tell and music just gave me the pathway to do so.” – Yung Mars. With his inspiration from old school legends such as Marvin Gaye & Al Greene to rap legends Tupac, Common, & Lauryn Hill, Mars created a style uniquely for him. Having recently put out a mixtape, he has also been working diligently into creating his own lane in the rap industry with his camp Hoodz Finezt supporting him.