BAMM Insights is a fun, fresh and future-looking series of bite-size episodes, all of which analyse certain elements of the digital revolution. Join hosts Christopher Davies and Aidan Sansom as they introduce a wide variety of opinions and insights, featuring interviews with some of the most influential voices in the field today. Give us a few minutes and we'll give you some podcast-shaped food for thought - guaranteed!


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EPISODE ONE: Hosts Christopher Davies and Aidan Sansom introduce the BAMM Insights series and give an overview of the topics to come.


EPISODE TWO: Highlights from a discussion at Adam Street in London concerning the present and future evolution of the music industry.


EPISODE THREE: A look at Diginomics – the economics of the digital era – featuring a chat with Wired editor Chris Anderson, the author of Free, the grounding point for the ‘freemium’ business model.


EPISODE FOUR: The Ballad of Sellaband: how a digital company tried a unique music distribution slant and ran into trouble along the way.


EPISODE FIVE: An eye-opening talk with Joel Tenenbaum, infamous victim of a large-scale RIAA lawsuit and well-known for his subsequent fight against it.


EPISODE SIX: Digital distribution is useless without access – and Job Cohen, former mayor of Amsterdam, had some interesting ideas on how to improve that access. Find out more in this episode.


EPISODE SEVEN: Not everyone sees the digital revolution as something entirely worth celebrating. Meet Andrew Keen, the so-called ‘Antichrist of Silicon Valley.’


EPISODE EIGHT: Christopher and Aidan give an overview of the topic under discussion in the following few BAMM Insights episodes: the question of fame within a digital era.


EPISODE NINE: How does social networking define fame? We speak to expert Jaap Van Ginneken on the issue.


EPISODE TEN: A look at one of the most relevant recent examples of fame in a digital framework: the rise and rise of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra.


EPISODE ELEVEN: Has the notion of professionalism come to a grinding halt with the increased democratisation of digital exposure? Jamie Wilkinson – head of an ‘Internet Fame’ class – shares his thoughts.


EPISODE TWELVE: Hold the front webpage! We talk to the Telegraph’s Edward Roussel and Hecklerspray’s Mof Gimmers about the world of online journalism.


EPISODE THIRTEEN: A special interview with Lord Paddy Ashdown, prominent UK politician who was one of the earliest proponents of a digital revolution within the political sphere.


EPISODE FOURTEEN: Part one of an interview with two of the BAMM head honchos: Chris Hansen and Phil Lang. What are the problems facing the traditional music industry?


EPISODE FIFTEEN: Part two of the interview with Chris Hansen and Phil Lang: a look at the solutions that BAMM and the wider world of digital progress can offer to an ailing industry.